Recycling Before Moving Day With Movers Weston

Are you ready to move to your new home and don’t know what to do with your clutter? Weston Florida Movers has a list of items you can start getting rid of.

Movers Weston suggest that as you get ready to move, you’ll find a lot of things you want to get rid of or throw in the trash. As others can be recycled, others like old motor oil are illegal to dump on the ground or down the drain.

It’s hard to know what’s hazardous, recyclable, or just ordinary trash. Here’s is a list of some things you’re likely to find as you clean house:

Aerosol paint cans

Empty cans go in the regular trash, but those with paint in them must go the hazardous. Photographic and art supplies go to a hazardous waste site.


Batteries like Alkaline can go in the trash. However, rechargeable batteries like Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, and small Sealed Lead batteries can all be recycled. They should not go to the landfills because the heavy metals in them can contaminate the water supply.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid. Treat these as hazardous waste. Car batteries. Car batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid. Most states require that anyone selling car batteries also collect batteries for recycling, and 90 percent of automobile batteries are recycled. If you have an old battery, take it to your service station or to any store that sells car batteries.

Cell phones

Old cell phones often end up in the drawer every six months as we upgrade to new models. To recycle them and their batteries go to the rechargeable battery recycling corporation


Because computers contain lead, cadmium, mercury, and toxic flame-retardants it is illegal for businesses to throw old computers in the trash. Home computers should also be kept out of the trash stream. Some areas have programs that redirect old computers to schools or other institutions. Other areas accept computers, fax machines, and televisions at their hazardous waste collection site. Search “computer recycling or “computer disposal” on the internet.

If you have any other questions regarding what’s recyclable from what is not, contact your closest hazardous waste center.

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