Hire Professional Piano Movers to Relocate Your Instrument

It takes technical knowledge, experience, and expertise to pack and move a piano safely from its source point to the destination point. An average piano weighs close to 500 pounds. Additionally, these instruments can contain over 6000 moving components. Therefore, you need to follow specific packing methods and steps to pack and move a piano […]

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Successful Commercial Office Relocation With Long Distance Movers

Commercial Office Transitioning

The interstate office relocation can be an exhausting and strenuous process that takes extensive planning and effort. Hiring expert long-distance movers may be the best choice to ensure your assets and equipment remain safe during transit. You may have to pack and transport assets, equipment, files, and furniture. Hiring Weston Florida Movers for interstate office […]

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Successfully Moving Your Office Furniture

moving your office

Your office space is a valuable component of your workplace as a whole. If you are looking to move your entire office, you may feel an added stress level come over you. Making a peaceful and smooth transition means taking the necessary steps beforehand. C&C Shipping & Moving has been a trusted moving company in […]

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What To Leave Behind When Moving


What To Leave Behind When Moving Are you planning on moving? Movers Weston has developed a list of potentially hazardous items that includes common household cleaning products. As we know, changes in temperature and pressure can cause this item to explode or leak. Try to use them before you move or pass along useful items […]

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