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Hire Professional Piano Movers to Relocate Your Instrument

It takes technical knowledge, experience, and expertise to pack and move a piano safely from its source point to the destination point. An average piano weighs close to 500 pounds, and professional piano movers understands what it takes to move such a delicate item and the proper logistics for a successful relocation.

Additionally, these instruments can contain over 6000 moving components. Therefore, you need to follow specific packing methods and steps to pack and move a piano to another location.

Incorrect packing and transit techniques can cause severe damage to the delicate instrument. Certified piano movers can ensure your valuable instrument does not sustain any damage during the move.

Pianos are Heavy and Bulky

Pianos are tall and hefty. An average piano can be up to 7″ 4″ inches long. While you may be able to pack and move pianos with the help of friends and family, the piano may sustain heavy damage if not packed and transported carefully.

It would also be challenging to maneuver and move the instruments around tight corners and turns. Pianos are usually made of solid wood and cast iron. Professional piano movers use specialized equipment and tools to pack the instrument carefully.

You may also note that the weight of the piano is not evenly distributed. Therefore the instrument is vulnerable to falls. It also takes considerable truck space to transport the piano to another state.

The experts use bubble wrap and other protective materials to transport the instrument. Large pianos may even weigh close to 850 pounds. Hiring professional piano movers in Weston, Florida, will also eliminate the risk of personal injuries and accidents that may result from lifting and moving the heavy instrument without professional help.

Pianos have Several Intricate Parts

Besides the body and keys, pianos have multiple moving and fixed components. Improper handling may damage the playing mechanism and the internal sound mechanism of the instrument. Professional piano movers in Weston, Florida, have comprehensive knowledge of the instrument and its packing requirements.

The bonded, certified, insured moving experts take necessary precautions to ensure the instrument is delivered to your destination safely. The experts typically measure the instrument, doorways, hallways, staircases, and corners before starting the process.

Regardless of whether you own a grand piano or an upright piano, the experts can help you transport the piano without impacting its playability or condition in any way. The experts take special precautions to ensure that even the casing is not dented or damaged in any way.

Pianos are Expensive

Pianos are expensive and delicate. You may end up sustaining a heavy financial loss if your piano is damaged during the packing or moving process.

Piano part replacement and repair costs are considerably high. Therefore it’s recommended you hire a professional moving company in Weston, Florida, to transport your piano to another state.

Learn More About Our Piano Moving Services

C&C Shipping and Moving offer Weston, Florida, residents the best piano moving services. We can help you pack and transport your piano to another state. You may call us at 800-2330-8985 or visit our website to explore our piano moving services.

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