3 Ways To Get Free Moving Boxes

Are you in need of some free moving boxes for your next move? Movers in Weston Florida will tell you where to get quality boxes – absolutely free.

  1. Restaurants –

These establishments are very easy to get free boxes from since they are constantly being crushed down and thrown outside.  Restaurants also have many different sizes of boxes that prove very handy when you are looking for smaller boxes that contain napkins.  The restaurant is without a doubt the easiest way to get lots of different sized moving boxes.

  1. Coffee Shops –

Coffee shops are great because many of the boxes are very small since coffee packs generally come from small individual size boxes.  These boxes are great for moving small items such as jewelry and make-up.  The best time to visit a coffee shop is usually sometime in the afternoon since they are not as busy and generally have accumulated boxes in the morning.  The best time to get moving boxes from restaurants is about 3 PM, since stock was usually put away that morning and the boxes haven’t gotten very dirty.

  1. Publix Markets –

Publix will almost always have free boxes available for you.  This depends on when you go since Publix opens earlier than most restaurants; you need to be there before 9 AM – when all the boxes become crushed in the compactor. Publix also has many different sized boxes since they provide so many different types of products.

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