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Professional Antique Movers For Hire

You’ve spent a lifetime building up your treasures, and you want them to get to their new location intact. This is why you need to find antique movers for hire that can handle some of the most valuable pieces you own with care and respect while making sure they arrive safely, quickly, and on time.

Your collection deserves the best, and that’s what you’ll get with C&C antique movers for hire. These are the top strategies Weston Florida Movers use to ensure your treasures are handled with care.

1. Proper Packing Materials

Antique movers know that you can’t just use old packing material to transport delicate items. They use packing materials designed to protect fragile items even if they are jostled or dropped. One mistake many people make is trying to pack these expensive pieces themselves with whatever packing materials are on hand, resulting in broken antiques along the way.

2. Using the Proper Size Container

Professional movers will use the proper size container to get your priceless heirlooms from their current home to their new one without a scratch. This ensures plenty of space around the pieces so they can’t bang into one another while in transit. It also helps to keep them from moving around too much and potentially getting damaged.

3. Wrapping Each Piece Individually

If you’ve ever moved before, you have experienced challenges when placing items into boxes without damaging them. The professionals will take the time to wrap each piece individually before putting them into containers. This helps avoid jostling or other movements while your items are in transit, which helps ensure their safe arrival.

4. Double-Boxing Fragile Items

Some of your antiques may be extra fragile. To protect them even more, our antique movers will double-box them. This means they will pack the item in two boxes, one inside the other. It prevents any movement or jostling that could potentially damage the delicate item.

5. Having a Dedicated Driver

Professional movers will recognize that your antiques are not just another load. They hire drivers who understand their value and the special care they need to ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece.

6. Understanding Different Requirements for Storage Units

It is important to find a storage unit to accommodate the special requirements of these valuable pieces. Your antique movers will be familiar with the different types of storage units and what each one can offer, so they can help you find the perfect place to store your antiques.

C&C Moving – Antique movers for hire

C&C Moving offers a full range of antique moving services for people in Florida and beyond. We know how to handle your treasures with care and get them to their new home safely. We also offer storage services to keep any belongings safe until they are ready to be relocate. Call 800-330-8985

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